Friday, October 15, 2010

bila si teenage berkatakata..nana jawab laah!

ouh dearie intan payung si ainaa..u adore me??i adore u much more u knw..
and plus..yess we had asuch great tme sayang na laa..bak ayat ikbal.."nanaainaa!"haha..
       matter what people gonna say bout us..ecehh,,we will stay together ya naa!
     so its begin..ainaa..last year.we are not close at all..just sayin hye to each other and leave..but this early year..i knw u more closer..u r such a bettr friend i met..yeah..summtime u were a little bit diffrent..but its doesnt last to long..u'r just stress out..rite?
                    andand one mre thing..i gave u a request..u r confused.asking "is this u nana..?"by showing me the paper..english buddy!..yeah..its me..
               i still rmember the day i cried inside the surau..
       thx a lot ainaa..i just wanna say tht i love u so much!
and the day u came to my dorm..F202..we wear stockings..and bralaskan slimut was so cold tht night..and nana bngon pagi. tried to wake ainaa up..malangnya..ainaa tidur mati..mcam kjut kayu..kras gile bdn ainaa mse tu..she didnt move..        "huh?na"bangun laa..haha..atlast kite mndi sensorg..and u still on my bed..

             anyway naa,,i hope kite be at d'same class nxt year..doc.naa and miss.nana forever..=)